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If weather problems affect a home in winter, life can seem miserable, and these problems need to be dealt with quickly.

Being a landlord in South West London isn’t easy, and in winter, problems are more notable. You need to ensure the property is maintained, and these tips will help you.

While you should respond to problems as quickly as you can, it is best to be proactive about caring for your property. By maintaining your property to a sufficient standard, you minimise the chances of problems arising. This outcome keeps everyone in the house happy, saves you work, and will lower the cost of maintaining the property. We are here to help, and here are five property maintenance tips for your home:

1.       Lag your pipes

2.       Have your boiler serviced

3.       Clear your drains and gutters

4.       Check window and door frames

5.       Insulate your attic or cavity walls

Lag your pipes

A simple yet highly effective tip, which minimises the risk of burst or frozen pipes, is to lag your pipes. Wrapping your pipes is an effective way to safeguard your home, and you can use special products or blankets and materials you already own.

Given the problems associated with flooding and burst pipes, it is far better to be proactive, so make sure you allocate time to lag your pipes.

Have your boiler serviced

It is easy to take your boiler for granted until it breaks down, and then it is a significant issue. If your boiler breaks down in winter, life can be miserable. Therefore, it is best to call on an expert to review your boiler. If there are no problems, you can breathe a sigh of relief, and be confident about the condition of your boiler. If there is a problem, you will receive guidance from an expert on how best to deal with the matter.

Clear your drains and gutters

Blocked gutters and drains pose a significant risk to your property. If water cannot drain away as expected, it will take another path. If the water ends up entering your property, flooding can cause significant damage. Therefore, you must ensure your drains and gutters are kept clear of leaves and debris.

Check window and door frames

Gaps or cracks in your window and door frames allow hot air to escape while allowing colder air to enter your property. This outcome creates a miserable existence, but it can be resolved quickly. Improving the insulation around your doors and windows helps you lower energy bills while making sure your home is in excellent condition.

Insulate your attic or cavity walls

You also want to stop heat energy escaping through your roof and exterior walls. If you have a loft area, insulate it with insulating roll, cut-to-measure board or material like paper. If you have cavity walls, investing in insulation for them is a smart idea, and will improve your energy efficiency rating.

At Holmes Estate Agents, we care about homes, and we are happy to provide guidance on managing the property. If you’re looking to let your property in South West London, or you wish to arrange a valuation, contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

020 7223 3837
108 Streatham High Road, London, SW16 1BW
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